Andre Agassi Net worth

Andre Agassi is a retired tennis player who plays smart. Andre was born on 20th April’1970. His career tenure was between the years 1980s to 2000s. Andre has had an outstanding career and made several records. Before turning 16, he won several USTA national titles for juniors. Agassi won the first grand slam at Wimbledon in 1992. As the years passed by, more success was waiting for Andre, and he won the US and Australian open in the years 1994 and 1995 respectively.

Andre career breakdown

Andre faced a career breakdown, and returned in the game after four years, in 1999. He came back strong and mentally aroused with his game ethics and professionalism hard to beat. He won the French Open and the US Open after his comeback. After a smashing career, Andre rests free from his game in 2006.


Andre lives in his family home in Summerlin, Las Vegas. He also owns a charitable foundation called the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation. Agassi wrote an autobiography in 2009, named as Open. It contains many of the unknown facts about Agassi’s personal and professional life. After retiring, Andre does play for money sake but he donates all the money which he earns to charity. His foundation earned almost $60millions over the time. It works for the rights of children, and also plays its role in making the charter schools permanent. Agassi’s philanthropy has won many hearts and saved many lives.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi’s Net worth:

Andre Agassi net worth is estimated at $175millions. He was born in Las Vegas. He earned nearly $32millions during the career and, made above $25millions/year through sponsorships. After retiring from football, Agassi paid a full-time focus on his business ventures. Though he has retired from his professional career, Andre is still loved and appreciated by many.

Andre Agassi brands and endorsements

Andre Agassi

Many companies have signed him up for their brands. He has worked with Nike, Penn, Addidas, and Donny.

His sponsorships with Mountain Dew, Kia Motors, American Express, and Mazda add to his net worth. Apart from his endorsements, he is also into some serious business. He formed is liability company which he named as the Andre Agassi Enterprises. Agassi, in collaboration with his wife, opened a furniture store; Agassi Graf Collection. They also have 50% shares in a water park in Las Vegas. He has made several investments in furniture stores, resorts, nightclubs, and casinos.

Andre Agassi’s Early Career:

Andre Agassi

Andre has been a legendary tennis player for twenty years. Since a very early age, he picked his racket and started learning to smash it. His father, who was a retired Olympic boxer used to coach him. It was Andre’s will and his father’s determination that turned Andre into a living legend. He used to coach him initially and made him learn several techniques. His father instilled in him the quality of working hard, irrespective of the circumstances. Andre’s first coaching center was his family home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Right during his teens, Agassi’s father made him quit school and solely focuses on the game. He joined a full-time training academy called the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida. He worked hard and proved himself to be one of the best. In a short period, he rose to the top in his squad. It was high time for Agassi when he decided to compete at a professional level in 1986.

Agassi’s rise, fall and, comeback:

Agassi comes from an Armenian ethnicity. His father is from Iran, so beauty runs in their veins. When he first entered the ground in 1986, even before showing his skills he got signed by Nike. It was his sharp and pointed features and the fair complexion that led him to an endorsement deal. He is not only blessed with good looks but excellent skills. Agassi made a remarkable career starter by winning his first championship in 1987. Agassi was failing and again succeeding, he was continually surprising his fans and audience. In 1992, he still won a major title.  Agassi has had a fluctuating career. He rose to the top and instantly fell, but the marks which he left of his success were still there. After winning the US Open and the Australian Open in 1995, the crowd was left astounded when he faced back to back losses to Dough Flach, Chang, and Chris Woodruff, in 1996. In the year 1997, Agassi had a rough patch in his career and personal life. He started taking drugs and only won twenty-four matches during the year due to his wrist injury. From the top level, his position ranked at 141st position. However, the hard time passed away, and he rose back to fame and victory. Agassi retired in 2006 after a shining career span of more than 20 years.

Andre Agassi’s relationships wife and kids:

In the 1990s, Agassi dated an American entertainer and singer named Barbara Streisand. Barbara was 28-years older than Agassi and, the public raised many brows at the couple. However, they split after having a long term relationship. Agassi also discussed in his biography which he wrote in 2003, that how the public opinion didn’t matter to them, as a couple, they were the happiest together. In 1997, Agassi and Brooke Sheilds rang the marriage bells but, they divorced each other only after two years of marriage. On 22nd October’2001, Agassi got married to Steffi Graf at Las Vegas. It was a highly private function, and only both mothers were invited to attend the marriage. They have two children, a son and a daughter. The name of their son is Jaden Gil, who was born in 2001 and a daughter; Jaz Elle, born in 2003.

Andre Agassi’s birthday height age:

Andre Agassi was born on 20th April’1970. He was born in Las Vegas. His parents are Emmanuel Mike Agassi, his father and Elizabeth Betty Agassi, his mother. Agassi has three elder siblings whose names are Tami, Phillip, and Rita. Andre is 43 years old. Andre’s height is 5 feet and 11 inches or 1.80meters and weighs around 82kilograms. His start sign is Taurus.

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