Coyote Peterson Net worth

Nathaniel Peterson ore better known by his online name of Coyote Peterson, is an American youtube personality that has blown up in recent years. Coyote Peterson is famous for his channel named ‘Brave Wilderness.’  The Youtuber has steadily been growing in rank and has amassed an incredible 14 million subscribers in five years of his career on the online platform.

He started the channel in 2014 with the sole intent of educating the masses on all kinds of wildlife. He would catch dangerous animals and insects and proceed to inform his audiences of the unique qualities of each creature. Many of his youtube videos go viral and garner over a million views annually.


The nature enthusiast was born in Newbury, Ohio, on September 1st,1981. From the very beginning of his childhood, he had a natural inclination towards nature and the different types of animals he would encounter. The Youtuber would see a myriad of animals and would be thoroughly fascinated by them. There was a pod behind the house in which he resided, from which he would often go fishing with his father. He used to catch water animals with only his hands, and his parents would document the excitement of the child.

The most prominent experience of his adventures was the one with the snapping turtle. At the age of eight, Peterson caught a common snapping turtle that had the genuine threat of biting off his fingers, Still, interestingly enough, he did it without any fear or difficulty and hence increased his love for wildlife and mainly aquatic animals.

His family was well-traveled and had made sure to take their son on these trips. By the age of 18, the Nature lover had traveled fifty of the U.S states. This had relished his curiosity and had given a significant amount of experience seeing and learning about different landscapes and the animals that reside in them. Bear Grylls and Steve Irwin are the greatest inspiration for the internet star that had cemented his love and passion for exploring the wilderness.

Coyote had an immense interest in filmmaking. His specialties lie in screenwriting and film direction and further attended ‘The Ohio State University’ to procure the degree for this major. This would ultimately help him out in his later career as a YouTuber for nature-related content.

The snapping turtle inspired the bright idea of him getting into Youtube. He went to the arboretum in Cleveland to hike with his one-year-old daughter. He was gathering frogs to showcase to his girlfriend, after whom a group of children also came, from which he quickly dived into the water to capture the snapping turtle that he spotted. He explained to the crowd about the interesting facts about this breed of reptile. He was awe-struck by this and decided to approach many documentary film channels to walk in the direction of his heroes.

Unfortunately, he was rejected by many studios and was going nowhere. Instead of being disheartened by this attitude, he didn’t lose confidence in his passion. He took the initiative and made his channel named the Brave Wilderness in 2014, and the rest is history.

Coyote Peterson Career:

The first video of the channel was the animal that inspired him to make it, the snapping turtle. The first video showcased the many trademark Peterson’s techniques to lure in his audience, significant action cuts, excellent soundtrack, and the sign off tag “Be brave, stay wild, and we’ll see you on the next adventure.” Even this video gained a lot of views despite being relatively new on the media platform.

Coyote Peterson bio

He regularly started uploading videos weekly and soon started getting recognition. After his third video, where he captured a dangerous Gila monster, he suddenly spiked in popularity, his video crossing over a million views. With the progress of his videos, he was very upfront and genuine about the difficulties of these videos and his experiences while filming them, which made him extremely relatable to the public, and due to this, it became one of the most subscribed channels.

Recently, he’s been tied with Animal Planet to star in his T.V show. He will use his old team and said he’s shifting to the animal planet to improve the educational content all over. Ultimately, he’s also walking in his Hero’s footsteps, the great Steve Irwin, and making content that would suit and inspire adolescent adults and teenagers to be the next generation of adventurers.

Is Coyote Peterson married?

Yes, Coyote Peterson is happily married to his wife and his daughter, pup Peterson who was born in the year 2008.

Coyote Peterson family

The Coyote Peterson is a small family consisting of Nathaniel himself, his anonymous wife, and her 12-year-old daughter, who goes by the name of Pup Peterson.

Coyote Peterson daughter

Coyote Peterson does not like to disclose her daughter’s name but says that the public can call her pup Peterson.

Coyote Peterson wife

The name of the wife is not disclosed and has generally remained anonymous.

Coyote Peterson net worth

Coyote Peterson has 15 million subscribers in his youtube channel and is estimated to have about 2 million dollars net worth. He earns by writing about animals, and due to his recent deal with the discovery channel, this number may go up.

Coyote Peterson education

Coyote Peterson attended the Notre Dame Cathedral Latin School and, from there, attended Ohio State University, majoring in a film course and graduating in 2004.

Coyote Peterson education

Coyote Peterson height

Coyote Peterson stands at a proper height of 5 foot 11 inches

Where is Coyote Peterson from?

Coyote Peterson was born in Newbury, Ohio, on September 1st,1981. He completed his studies from the same hometown before moving on to travel to different parts of the world for his youtube channel.

 What is Coyote Peterson’s real name?

Coyote Peterson’s real name is Nathaniel Peterson, and the name Coyote was given to him by his mother as a nickname with the way he used to chase bugs like the Looney Tunes Coyote would chase the Road Runner.

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