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let’s talk about Cristiano Ronaldo Net worth. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most recognizable athletes born in the world. He has two FIFA wars. He is assumed as one of the best soccer players of all times. He is strong and has such a great technique that he has scored pretty impossible goals. Those kinds of things made Ronaldo extremely popular and one of the highest-paid players in sports history. In the beginning, he always dreamt of being the best player in the world. He says he often discussed it with his friends and he made fun of him but who knew one day his dream will come true.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s early life:

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on 5th February’ 1985 in Sao Pedro, Funchal. His parents; Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, his mother, is a cook. His father, José Dinis Aveiro, is a Gardner and an equipment manager. Ronaldo has three siblings, and he is at the forth number. Their parents raised the four children given them lessons of unity and brotherhood. The kids used to share everything, even their bedrooms. His family grew up in poverty, living under a leaky roof. He was interested in soccer from a very young age; he started kicking around the ball at the age of seven. Cristiano got enrolled in the team at the age of 10.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s early career

At the age of ten, he was already considered one of the best soccer players. So, the islands two significant clubs, Maritimo and, already signed him for the future. He never liked losing a game, always trying to come over the top. Ronaldo quit his studies at fourteen and entirely concentrated on his club. It was his talent and skills that he was already getting paid for. At fifteen, he got diagnosed with heart disease; this means that his heart beat faster than an average human. Even when he was resting, he needed an operation. The moment he had undergone a pelvic surgery, after a few days he got back to his regular game.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s outstanding career:

He played his first official match on 7th October’ 2002 in Primeira Liga. Ronaldo scored two goals in the game of 3-0. He was signed by Manchester United in 2003 at the age of eighteen and helped the team win three consecutive league titles. In 2009, his transfer to Real Madrid, which was $132millions was the most expensive association made until that time. In Madrid, he has won two league titles, three championship titles, two UEFA super cups, and two FIFA club world cups.

Cristiano holds a long list of records in his football career. Ronaldo is a top scorer in Real Madrid’s history and scored 451 goals in 438 appearances. In 2016, he was named as FIFA best player in the world for the fourth time. He was granted a contract extension that ensures he will be paid $50millions over a year until 2021. You can’t deny the success of Ronaldo in the world of soccer and beyond.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net worth:

Ronaldo’s salary and endorsement deals result in a net worth of $450millions. His ability to capitalize on his skills, drive, and passion is a source of inspiration. In 2016, Ronaldo signed a lifetime endorsement deal with NIKE, making him the third athlete who had made such deal. NIKE has sponsored Ronaldo since 2003. He has worn more than sixty versions of NIKE’s cleats. This agreement ensures that he will receive his payments even after his retirement from the contract. The deal is expected to earn Ronaldo, one billion dollars.

He is the highest-paid athlete and fifth highest-paid celebrity in the world. He topped the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes in 2017. The total income in 2017 stood at $93millions out of which $35millions are coming from his endorsements. He ranks sixth on top 100 celebrities list. In 2018, Ronaldo’s estimated earning was $108millions. His salary was $61millions while $47millions from sponsorships and deals. As for 2019, his estimated total earnings are around $109millions.

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Contracts and ads

Ronaldo has signed several contracts with other companies like Monster headphones, Castrol, Tag Heuer watches, Samsung, Sacoor Brothers suits, Toyota, etc. He is the only player in the world who has this much of sponsorships. While working for NIKE, Ronaldo has earned over $1.8millions, for his sponsored posts. He earns $400,000 for each post relating to his other sponsorships on the social media network, Instagram.

Ronaldo joined the Italian club Juventus in 2018. The four-year deal closed at an annual salary of $140millions. Ronaldo played for Real Madrid for nine years and it costed the club over $288k exclusive of tax amount per week. Along with this, Ronaldo also owns his brand called CR7. It is a clothing and fragrance brand, and he is not only into the clothing business he also owns a few luxury hotels.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Houses and cars:

Ronaldo owns around twenty cars worth a total of $5millions. The cars in his five-million-dollar collection include a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 599 GT, Ferrari LA Ferrari, Rolls Royce Ghost, McLaren MP4 12C, Mercedes Benz S65, Bentley Continental, Porsche 911 turboS, Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8, etc.

He has a $14million mansion in Madrid. The 8600sq feet mansion has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a mini football pitch, and a trophy room. In the yard, there is a pool with his initials painted on the bottom, affluent land area, and professional landscaping.

He owns a $20million Gulf Stream private jet; Ronaldo bought a 2002-Gulfstream, in 2015, for 20 million dollars. It can accommodate nine passengers comfortably. When he is not using the plane, he rents it out to private lenders.

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He pays over $60k a week to rent a yacht for vacation. It’s one of his favorite hobbies. It has three cabins that can accommodate six guests in addition to the crew.

In august of 2015, Ronaldo decided to drop $18.5millions on 2500sq feet apartment in the famous Trump Tower, New York. The three-bedrooms, three-bathroom apartment was occupied by one of Trump’s business partners.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Relationships and kids:

Ronaldo has been in a lot of love affairs. His first noticeable girlfriend was a Brazilian model named Jordana Jardel. They began dating in 2003. He has also been in relationships with Merche Romero, Nereida Gallardo, Gemma Atkinson, Irina Shayk, and lastly Lucia Villalon. His longest relationship of five years was with Irina. Reportedly, he also had attachments with Paris Hilton, Rafaela Fico, Kim Kardashian, and Gabriela Endringer.

He met his current girlfriend at a Dolce and Gabbana event. Model Georgina Rodriguez began dating him in 2016. After only a brief time she became pregnant with his fourth child, Georgina gave birth to Alana in 2018. He also has twins named Eva and Mateo. Ronaldo’s three children are born to surrogate bothers except for his last-child, Alana. He has a seven-year-old son named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. as well. 

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