Dave Bugliari, Alyssa milano’s husband net worth and BIO

Dave Bugliari used to manage his now-wife Alyssa Milano, In all honesty, she is the one on the back of Dave, to make him known to the world, she is the real source of his popularity, started dating in 2007 and got engaged in December 2008 despair in the relationship for good one year then they got married in 2009 August. Dave is working at a creative artists agency as an agent.

Dave Bugliari Alyssa Milano Husband networth

 let us take you through his personal life, work-life, childhood and how is he leading the life now. but before that a little something about Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano BIO:

Alyssa got famous by her ‘me too’ with which did on Twitter in October 2017 she got a huge response and a lot of ladies praised her act. Alisha was born in 1972 in New York. at the very young age of 8 stepped into the fashion world. appearing in the national tour of the musical Annie. started her acting in the Sitcom who’s the boss? at the age of 10. start in the drama charmed in her adult age. she has also done graphic novel hacktivists.

Her father was a film music editor and her mother was a fashion designer. she was interested in acting from her young age. it will be quite interesting for you to know that her first break was because of the babysitter who took her for the auditions of musical Annie. When she got the role, her parents were in denial because the role was for an orphan. As a child, Milano insisted on the role and Got it. from there onwards there is no looking back. She knew from her inside that she was supposed to be an actor. Used to hear the applause in her mind and used to tell herself she is made for it.

Alyssa Milano  networth

TV and film roles:

 Who’s the boss:

 this show was successful and ran for eight seasons. starting in 1984 it proved to be a hit Sitcom. while doing the Sitcom she also released many pop albums and did a lot of pop culture work, it was the rise of her career. 

 “who’s the Boss” not only brought recognition for Alisa but also created some obstacles? The fear of failure, depression is completely natural when you get too famous you always fear failure. while she was doing pop culture work she did many other Dramas like deadly sins and others.


The next week break she got was the drama Charmed it was a big relief for her career. it also ran for 8 successful seasons from 1998 through 2006.

Romantically challenged:

 during the tenure of success Alyssa. Darshan photos like it in the Sitcom My Name is Earl in 2010 and then a short sitcom that is romantically challenged this was a good attempt to revive her career but she left the show in 2014 only after two seasons.

 The rise of Netflix:

 as we all know the television industry is moving towards an online drama series. you also took part in the 2017 drama series called wet hot American summer; this was a sequel to 2001 classical film. shred some other shows on Netflix as well like “insatiable”.

Alyssa Milano Books:

 it was quite a surprise that Milano came up as a writer. she published her first book in 2010 with the name of safe at home; confessions of a baseball fanatic. in this book, she expressed her passion and love for baseball. then hacktivist came into existence this was about some founders of social media platform who got recruited by the CIA, this book is allegedly developed for TV.

Alyssa Milano Social media:

 as per Milano, her life changed when she went to South Africa for 3 months in the 2000s. when she saw the poverty level there, she was moved she became the national Ambassador of Angola in 2004. even now she is actively participating in a lot of International charities and NGOs. she is using social media in a good way asking her fans to donate as much as possible.

 you got many successes in life but as for her, she says she is most proud to be Ambassador of UNICEF.

Milano is a heavy Twitter user, very accessible to fans and mostly replies directly to the parents, which is quite a surprise for an actor. and this is much appreciated. she believes all the stars should personally interact with their fans. otherwise what’s the need of official pages if it’s supposed to be run as a fan page.

Personal life of Alyssa Milano before Dave bugliari:

Alyssa Milano Husband networth

 she got engaged with Scott wolf then after a year of their engagement broke off. after 6 years he was married to Cinjun Tate. this relationship also lasted for only a year, unfortunately. but then after a careful assessment in 2009, she married the right guy Dave Bugliari.

Now let’s talk about Dave:

Dave and Alyssa Milano with daughter

Dave is 8 years younger than his wife Alyssa Milano, married visa in 2009 has a son named Milo Thomas, I was born in 2011 August. Milo was 7 pounds and weight when he was born and one was almost 19 inches long. then in 2014 September David and Alyssa Milano for blessed with a daughter named Eliza Bella, it’s just a coincidence that she also weighs 7lbs when she was born when she was almost 19 inches long as well. what a coincidence. 

Unfortunately, Dev is more famous as a result of his wife’s name than his own. which is quite unfortunate normally people would even search about am saying “husband of Alyssa Milano” or partner of Alyssa Milano. it means they don’t even know his name. just take you through Dave’s biography so you understand about this guy as well. 

 as we told you earlier day was also working for Hollywood, before getting married to Dave, Alyssa Milano did not have that much luck in love. but after they met each other they got name separable Bond which is quite rare in Hollywood we will have to appreciate that.

Dave and Alyssa Milano wedding

Details about Dave Bugliari:

 Dave Bugliari was born in 1989 in December his last name is quite difficult for me to pronounce. he has a total of 2 siblings. used to play soccer and his childhood he was once a captain for his team at the school level. it is not a lot of information about dives education over the internet.


 as we told you earlier, we got married in 2009, for a good 9 years they were in the relationship. they used to call themselves just friends.

 Their relationship is very cool and they are in love with each other. together, they look very happy and you would always see them smiling while they are with each other. and it looks like they are quite happy in their relationship and hopefully, their marriage lasts forever. 

We have seen a lot of marriages and divorces, but we hope that the marriage lasts forever. 

The net worth of Dave Bugliari (Alyssa Milano’s husband)

A talent agent in a commercial agency does not found that attractive it seems that his financial condition is strong. Although he has never disclosed his salary what we assume that his net worth is approximately 2 million dollars. 

 which is not a big figure in comparison to S why Alyssa Milano who has a net worth of 10 million dollars.

 we believe that 1 billion dollars are nothing if you cannot help anyone. and this is not the case for these two angels. they both are very active charitable celebrities who take part in any possible charitable cause.

Who is Alyssa Milano husband; some facts about him:

  1.  Dave was very much inclined towards sports he was the captain of his soccer team in 1960.
  2.  a proposal from DAVE Bugliari was given to Alyssa Milano in 2008 December.
  3.  even though DAVE is 8 years younger than his wife Alyssa Milano there is no stopping for their love. to be honest they look a perfect couple.
  4.  both Dev and Alisha not working only in Hollywood. you are also working for many charitable causes. 
  5. Horoscope for Dave is Sagittarius
  6. He was born on 17 December 1980.
  7.  His place of birth is New Jersey USA.
  8.  His father was a head coach in a soccer team in the same school he studied in.
  9. His father had achieved a lot of Honors and goals achieved 800th victory in 2014
  10. His marriage ceremony taking place in the state of Tewksbury.
Dave Bugliari attending sports

How did they meet? Dave Bugliari and Alyssa Milano?

 after the separation of Alyssa Milano in 1999, both of the lovebirds met and found interest in each other. their bond is going strong as of now and there is no chance for any kind of separation. they believe that every relationship starts with friendship and they were good friends before they even started any kind of relationship.

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