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Donald Trump has come back once again. He owns casinos, luxury hotels, resorts, golf courses, and some of the most expensive buildings anywhere. His most important asset is maybe an ability to see on a huge scale. He is a multi-talented and full of a potential individual. He loves having beautiful women and beautiful cars and palaces. He loves being knows as the Donald, and he admires being that person. For trump, the beautiful things and his financial assets seemed to be lost. His business collapsed as well as his personal life exploded, but he fought his way back in an astonishing comeback.


Donald Trump’s net worth:

According to the US president, Donald Trump, his net worth is fairly above $10billions. But the famous magazine Forbes, released in its 2017 edition that Trump’s net worth is nowhere more than $3.5billions. However, Trump often shies off from disclosing his actual richness. He is the only president of the US, who didn’t declare his tax returns. Trump’s greatest achievements were remodeling the Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hayat. The Trump tower and the Trump world tower are worth $288 and $290millions. The golf courses and clubs include the US Golf course, Mar-A-Lago beach palm, Trump national Doral Miami, and the Scotland and Ireland golf courses. All of these are worth $550millions. The real-estate in New York is worth $1.47billions, while the property outside New York is $630millions. The non-New York property includes; Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas, 555 streets San Francisco, Trump International Hotel, Washington, Trump Winery, VA, Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago, and the undeveloped property in California. The cash and other personal assets including aircrafts, beaches, casinos, penthouse tower, liquid assets, houses are all worth approximately $310millions.





Donald Trump’s early life:

Donald was a middle child of five. He was born on 14th June’1946 in New York to a pair of romantics. Donald’s father was into the landlord game since forever. After a bit of the effort, the family became filthy rich. The Trump children were all required to work from teenage. Their learning began at home where discussing business and growing the real estate game was a tea time hobby for the family. Fred Trump; Donald’s father constructed a mini-empire at Queens and brought the family here. It was from then he taught his children the importance of money in life. Fred made his daughters work in banks and departmental stores while the sons worked with him in the buildings. His father taught his children the importance of hard work and work ethics in life. Donald would often go nuts and make lame jokes. He would try to irritate the other person as much as he could, since his childhood. It was then his parents decided to send him to the military school.

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Donald trump degree or education:

Received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School

Donald trump signature

These are the signatures of Donald trump which changed a bit overtime. you can also see signatures on the paper.

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Donald Trump’s astonishing career:

In 1971, Donald took control of the family real estate business. Having a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, he was already too good with numbers. Everyone expected him to join his father’s business, but his dreams were not the middle-class developments at Queens. Trump’s father’s formulae of success were; buy a property from its owner in distress and then turn the place around. Donald came from a rich background, but he started from nothing, and today he has made a multimillion-dollar empire. In 1981, Trump formally established the Trump Organization; an umbrella company for his deals. One year later, a skyscraper rises at the fifth avenue with dazzling pink marble atrium with two-foot-high gold letters, announcing the arrival of the new real-estate hub. The building was called Trump Tower.

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how did Donald trump become famous:

First, there was the Trump tower, a trump plaza with $125million residential tower. The success of these projects left Donald with a fortune. The most astonishing thing about Trump’s building wasn’t this that they stood up so differently from the rest or their architecture, but it was the prices he used to ask for the apartments. The trump organization is a shelter for over 500 companies. If Trump had become a brand name, he had also become a fear amongst his competitors. From the 1980s, Trump entered into the retail business. His retail businesses include clothes, furniture, food, and cologne. He even owns a University under his name called Trump University. From 2005-2010, seminars on the professional building, and real-estate business awareness were conducted in this university. This was not an end to trump’s empire; he kept on investing in luxury hotels and even the television industry. Trump wrote some books as well. The names of his books famous are; The Art of the Deal, How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success, The Way to Success, etc. Trump had invested in every business, now the only thing left was politics. He entered politics in the late 1980s. In 2016, he became the president of the United States of America.

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Donald Trump’s relationships:

Trumped loved his first wife, Ivana Trump the most. He trusted her the most and involved her in his every business move. Trumped liked taking her opinions and them implementing them. He gave the charge of the casino and the hotel to Ivana, but he later got fed up of Ivana always talking about business. He wanted her to relax him down and not discuss the business; it had become a sort of business marriage between them. The strains of the marriage came as the collapse of the real estate market. The airline, hotel, and the Atlantic City all were going in trouble. Trump married Ivana on 9th April, 1977. They dated for a year and got married the very next year. After fourteen years of marriage, Trump and Ivana separated their ways on 22nd March’1992. The couple shares three children who are Donald Trump Jr. Their elder son is 39-years old. Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump are the other two children out of three. Their ages are 35 and 33 years respectively.

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Trump wanted an escape from the knockdowns which life was giving him. He met another model named Marla Maples. When the trump empire had a breakdown, Marla came into his life in 1990. After dating for three years they got married in 1993 and five years after the marriage, the had separate ways. Trump’s fourth child is from Marla, her name is Ariana Trump. 

His current wife is Melina Trump. She is a model by profession and is into the fashion business. Reports from inside the white house claim that Trump and Melina are not as close as they should be being in a husband-wife relationship. It is said that Trump shares a more comforting and secretive relation with his daughter than his wife. They don’t bother to contact each other for days or even weeks.

Apart from this, Trump is also rumored to be in a number of other relationships too.

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