what happened with Kobe Bryant? how he became the superstar

Kobe Bryant died at the age of 41amid  to the bad weather the helicopter crash,  on 26th January 2020. let us take you through the journey of his life and  what caused his death?

 Corba was a legendary player of basketball who spent more than 20 years for Los Angeles Lakers.  his death shocked all the sports world Plus all the Hollywood.

kobe playing a basket ball match

 it was around 10:00 a.m. near Las virgenes Road when this incident happened.  four other people who died in the same crash. 

Kobe Bryant was born in 1978 was an American basketball player,  he was playing for Los Angeles Lakers and played all the Seasons for the same team in NBA.  is entrance to the NBA was directly from the high school and after he entered the NBA I want five of the championships instead all star 18 x and the member of all  a NBA team 15 times and the member of all defensive team 12 times. he is accepted as one of the greatest players in the basketball. Kobe Bryant was the son of the NBA Player Joe bryant. Passion of basketball since the beginning. 

young kobe bryant

 Kobe Bryant sexual assault in 2003 then the charges was dropped because nobody could prove it. 2004 he became the cornerstone for Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant let the team for 2 years and the results are amazing.

The reason to join the Lakers that Kobe Bryant impressed the general manager of Lakers Jerry West during the pre-draft  work sessions. it was Bryant stream from childhood to join Lakers as this was his favourite team.

 he made the debut in 1996 with the height of 6 ft 6 inches and became the youngest player ever to appear in the NBA.  impressed a wide audience in his first match. 

He was improving continuously with the game reaching to a great 15.4 points/game. Eventually we went on to become a great player. 

kobe in one of his matches

After he retired from the basket ball, he tried his luck in Hollywood which was also successful. He also won an oscar. 

He will be remembered in prayers.

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