Usain Bolt Net worth

As the name suggests, Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. Nobody has ever beaten his records. He is a man whose life is measured in the span of a micro-second. Usain has won nine gold medals and three Olympics. At his final game, he went out as the only way he knows; a champion.

Usain St Leo Bolt was born on 21st August’ 1986 in Jamaica. His nickname is the Lightning bolt. Usain wasn’t born in a rich family, but he came from a poor background from Jamaica. Since his childhood, he wasn’t interested in studies, but he bribed his teacher to see his sprints. Most people know Usain from the Beijing Olympics, but he has been practicing his sprints since he left Jamaica.

Usain Bolt achievements

He is a retired sprinter from Jamaica. Bolt won two silver and eleven gold medals at the world championships, and eight gold medals at Olympics. Setting the world records is no difficult for Usain he has been setting different records, since the start of his career. Moreover, He beat had twice beaten his record in the 100meter sprint.

Usain Bolt Net worth:

Usain bolt’s net worth for 2020 is approximated at $100millions. It is not a confirmed figure; different online resources provide a piece of variant information. He has won numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals in his championships. Usain’s major source of income is his earning from the track whereas he is also endorsed with a lot of companies.

Usain bolt net worth in indian currency

Usain bolt’s net worth for 2020 is approximated at 7555250000 indian rupees.

Usain bolt

Usain Bolt sponsorships

The greatest sponsorship deal which Usain has signed is with Puma. It’s a partnership that has made Usain a living legend. Puma shoes had agreed to pay him $10millions annually. Usain has renewed the contract that goes beyond Olympics 2016. Usain has all of his gold medals in his Puma spikes. Bolt is wearing Puma since he had first signed the contract at the age of sixteen. After Usain retired, Puma has agreed to pay him $4millions for the lifetime. However, the contract may change in the future.

Other than his contract with Puma, he has also signed a number of endorsements with other companies. He earns $35millions from endorsements. Usain owns three restaurants in Jamaica. The name of his restraint chain is Track and records. His sponsorship deals are with; Soul Electronics, Nissan, Coca-Cola, Virgin Media, Hublot, Gatorade, etc. One of his other sources of income is his track appearances. If you plan to see him live, start saving at least 250-300k dollars. In 2010, at the pen relay, almost fifty-five thousand fans came to cheer him up and see him run. You can imagine how much money he would have made in the relay. Usain also owns a motorbike manufacturing company. He claims that his bikes are different than what the competitors are manufacturing.

Usain bolt

Usain Bolt’s relationships:

Usain’s relationship with his family and siblings is worth talking about. His parents tried hard to bring him up in a modest way. That is why he works for a lot of humanitarian causes and shares a good bonding with his family and parents. He says, his mother would always support his every decision, and at times, when he used to get cranky his father stood up for Bolt and he made sure Usain was going in his training.

usain bolt wife

Usain is rumored to be in a relationship with five celebrities. However, his recent relation is with Kasi J Benet. Kasi is a Jamaican model and bolt made his relationship public with Kasi in 2017. The couple had been secretly dating from 2014. According to Usain, he has no intentions of getting married nor does his girlfriend. He believes that when you’re rich and young, more girls fall for you, so you should wait long and choose wisely. Other than Kasi, Bolt had his knick-knacks going on with some other beautiful faces as well. But, with each of them, the attachment couldn’t go on for long.

Usain Bolt’s Age Birthday Height:

Usain Bolt was born on 21st August’1986 in the house of Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt. He was born in a small town called Sherwood Content, Jamaica. Who knew this town boy will become the world-famous super sprinter one day? Bolt has black ethnicity and is 6feet and 4inches or 1.95m tall. Bolt has two siblings named as Sadiki and a Sherine. Usain’s family wasn’t always rich; his parents had a small grocery store in Jamaica. His age is 33-years.

Usain Bolt’s Houses and Cars:

Usain bolt or the Lightning bolt is the fastest sprinter in the world who broke his own records twice. His is famous for his 200meters track races. He has made a lot of money from his career and the endorsement deals. So yeah, he also had to spend this money somewhere. Right? He owns a villa in Jamaica and a few more houses elsewhere. As for his cars, he is a Ferrari lover and loves spending his money on buying expensive cars. BMW 335i M Sport 19, 991 Turbo S, 2018 Mercedes Benz Amg Gls63 are some cars from his special collection.

The Nissan Company also gifted him the latest special edition gold version with his name on it. The car is labeled as Mr. Bolt.

why did usain bolt retire

Now that Usain has retired from his tracking job, he wants to play football for the rest of his life. Usain says that football has always been amusing for him; he and his brother would play cricket and football during their childhood days in Jamaica. In 2017, Bolt signed a six-week contract with the Central Coast Mariner. Mariner is an Australian Football team, and bolt played his official friendly debut match in 2018. Bolt scored two goals in the match.

Bolt has a kind heart and he keeps working for humanitarian causes in Jamaica and the rest of the world. He owns a foundation that works for the rights of children; the organization helps in their better upbringing and otherworldly needs. It is named as the Usain bolt foundation.

usain bolt height

1.95 m  

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